Wand of Divination



Wand of Divination

Length:  11.75″

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The Wand of Divination calls to those souls that commune with other worlds.

Wood:  Aspen.  This wood is significant for magnifying strengths, divination and protection. The wood was collected from driftwood in Knoxville Iowa at Lake Red Rock – thus infused with water element to balance the natural fire element in wood wands.  It is light and agile. 

Reservoir Stone: Is a Hematite stone that is used for storing and grounding power.  Its reserves can help enhance spell work.

Point:  Tipped with a 1.9″ clear quartz for directing and focusing power.  It is also supplemented with a smaller quartz crystal bud

Shaft:  The shaft is purple with subtle hints of sparkle representing cosmic consciousness, power, authority, and the Crown Chakra.  Moonstone/Feldspar rests along side a large Amethyst stone. Amethyst will increase psychism, healing, dreams, love, and happiness.  Moostone’s power increases divination, protection and love and is strongest during the waxing moon.  The shaft also has a natural fork tipped with a second quartz crystal to increase divining skills.

Each wand is hand crafted by Melanie, and filled with positive directed intentions.  When you receive your wand it is recommended to cleanse it by passing it through sage or other incense smoke and performing a consecration of the wand to truly make it a part of you.

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Dimensions 11.75 in