Mel’s Bio

Melanie has had a lot of hats, and keeps trying on new ones!  Here is just a few fun feathers:

  • Raver (bass baby!)
  • Pink hair before it was politically correct 
  • Educated – She has an Masters in Science with a degree in Medical Illustration
  • Librarian
  • Medical Clinic Manager
  • Empath on a journey of self discovery
  • Late in life mother of 2 amazing kids

She loves to create art, sew, make cute toys for the kids, eat great food, visit galleries and events and meet people.  Her blog is a journey of discovery – and she hopes to share ideas, help you meet great artists and people that would otherwise go unnoticed and encourage you to start your own journey of discovery. 

No matter where you live, or what you do there is always MAGIC around you.